Information for Funeral Homes

What is The Charity Box?

How can The Charity Box help your funeral home?

What is The Charity Box?
The Charity Box is a freestanding kiosk that makes it easier for funeral homes to assist families. The Charity Box serves as the guestbook and donation center creating a seamless solution for families.

How much does it cost?
We offer simple and straightforward pricing. There is no cost for having The Charity Box at your funeral home. You pay $200 for each funeral where The Charity Box is used.

Benefits for Funeral Homes
The Charity Box makes the process of collecting and distributing memorial contributions much easier for your funeral home. Funeral homes set their own price when The Charity Box is used at a funeral service. Funeral homes can make upwards of $500 per funeral. This includes the digital guestbook, memorial contributions, and a permanent digital guestbook available online. (edited) 

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