About Us

Our History

In 2021, Toby first conceived of the charity box after visiting with the families of friends who had recently lost loved ones. Each family had the same complaints: First, why couldn’t there be more than one guestbook so that any family member could look back on how their community came together on the toughest day of their lives. Second, why did the family of the deceased get stuck having to organize all the money collected and send it out. After all the planning and emotional exhaustion that goes into planning a funeral, why did that one detail have to linger?

With Charity Box, each member of the family gets sent a digital guestbook in PDF form so they can keep with them forever the people who were there when it counted most. Charity Box also solves the problem of organizing the giving. No matter who your families’ loved one wants to bless with their charity, Charity Box takes care of it all and your families get a report within a week of the service detailing how much was given and to what charities.

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Our Mission

Losing a loved one is hard, honoring them shouldn’t be. With Charity Box in your funeral home or place of worship, your families are free to do what’s most important, we will take care of the rest.

The Charity Box Leadership Team

Toby Tyler


Michael “Toby” Tyler is the founder and CEO of Charity Box. Toby has over 30 years of business experience in the ATM and payment services industry, and just as many decades as a member of the Nigro Brothers’ Charity auction group. After witnessing the difficulty families dealing with a loved one face when it comes to charitable donations and guest books, Toby saw a business idea, but more importantly he saw a way to help families begin healing.

Mikey Tyler


Mikey spent several years right out of college working on political campaigns and then transitioned into private industry starting and growing an ATM business with eight employees and serving over 600 locations. Helping to get The Charity Box off the ground is a new challenge that he enjoys daily.

Brian Rodrock


Brian began building homes in 1999 before partnering with his own brothers-in-law to form Rodrock Homes in 2002. In 2018, the trio expanded the business to encompass Rodrock Development. Brian specializes in banking relationships, land acquisitions, product development, and realtor relations. He is enjoying being involved in the beginning stages of another business with The Charity Box.

When he’s not at the helm of Rodrock or working on The Charity Box, Brian enjoys camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, and piloting small aircraft. Brian takes great pride in his work and is excited to see what kind of effect The Charity Box can have on the funeral home industry.

Jeff Gifford


Jeff was a founding partner of Rodrock Homes having transitioned from IT consulting and testing after some 6 years. Having loved the building process since he was a child, the opportunity to work with family and create neighborhoods and homes seemed like a dream come true. Now he is getting a lot of enjoyment out of mixing his past work in IT with his experience launching a new business all in service of The Charity Box.