The Charity Box

A freestanding kiosk that serves as the guestbook, and donation center for your funeral home or place of worship.

Physical + Digital Guestbook

A user friendly application that allows those wishing to express condolences either in person or remotely to leave their name, contact info, and a short message By making the guest book digital we give every member of the family the opportunity to receive a copy.

Memorial Gifts

Our kiosk enables cash and credit card donations that were previously unavailable in the ‘leave your check in the basket’ model. Family members no longer have to deal with the headaches of figuring out where to send donations, we take care of it for them.

Memorial Trees

The final leg of the kiosk is the ‘Lasting Legacy’ portion, where attendees to the funeral and/or memorial service can have a tree planted in the name of the deceased.

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The Charity Box Team

In 2021, Toby Tyler first conceived of the charity box after visiting with the families who had recently lost loved ones. Each family had the same complaints: First, why couldn’t there be more than one guestbook so that any family member could look back on how their community came together on the toughest day of their lives. Second, why did the family of the deceased get stuck having to organize all the money collected and send it out. After all the planning and emotional exhaustion that goes into planning a funeral, why did that one detail have to linger?

With Charity Box, each member of the family gets sent a digital guestbook in PDF form so they can keep with them forever the people who were there when it counted most. Charity Box also solves the problem of organizing the giving. No matter who your families’ loved one wants to bless with their charity, Charity Box takes care of it all and your families get a report within a week of the service detailing how much was given and to what charities.


What people are saying

Wes Dunn

Vice-President, Genmega

“Having worked with this team for years in the ATM industry, I am excited to see what they can do to shake up this whole new industry, and we here at Genmega could not be more excited to be partnered with them in their efforts.”

Jeff Harbeson

Funeral Commander

“When I first saw Charity Box earlier this year I knew it was going to be a special product. I have no doubt it has the power to fundamentally change the funeral home industry.”